I’ve been thinking about this secret a lot lately.

Back in high school, getting ready for class was a Big Deal. Every morning I spent at least 20 minutes in front of the mirror putting on makeup. Liquid foundation, powder, blush, intense eyelash curling, eyeliner, mascara… the works. Hair, too: every strand had to be perfectly straight. If I didn’t have enough time to do all of these things before class, tough nuggets. I missed the bus and went in late. No way was I going to be in public looking like crap.
[The funny thing is, I wasn’t even one of those scarily made-up girls; my style was (is) pretty natural. Why, then, did I spend such a ludicrous amount of time trying to achieve that look? It boggles my mind.]

Frank posted this secret my senior year, I believe, and I saved it because it was my secret too. It’s held significance for me ever since. The following year I gave a speech about PostSecret in class and used it as an example. That was me sneakily revealing my secret to a class of strangers… I wondered if anyone else guessed its relevance.

I’ve thought about this secret often over the years, usually wondering if I’d ever be able to feel pretty without makeup. I honestly doubted that I could.

Now I’ve come a long way. I rarely wear makeup to my classes. When I do put any on it’s a considerably lesser amount: powdery foundation, blush, and clear mascara. If I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll put on a bit of eyeliner. (woo woo!)

And you know what? Sometimes I do feel pretty. Once or twice I even felt beautiful. Regardless, I feel comfortable. That makes me happy. That makes me proud.

  10/29/10 at 08:31pm